Four Months by Avril Speaks

This has felt like the longest summer ever. Back in May, I was a college professor anticipating going full-time at one of the colleges where I was adjuncting. Little did I know that four months later, I'd be working in production for a TV network (BET). It's amazing how quickly life can change within a couple of weeks. I have a lot that I could complain about (i.e. the long hours, the weird, frustrating  mashup of corporate vs freelance life and all that brings, the tough balancing act of working production while still being an indie producer, etc). But last night as I was driving home from work, at almost 9 pm, mind you, I had to laugh to myself. My life truly is an adventure. I have lived many places and been able to experience many jobs, many people and many things. I have a lot to be thankful for--including getting a job, in my field, during a time when I was down and out.

I sometimes get upset that I essentially had to leave teaching for this season in order to live. But I am reminded of the fact that God never allows me to get comfortable in one place for too long. I have discovered this about my life and have learned to embrace it (although I'll be honest, sometimes I feel like sometimes my moving from place to place had more to do with my own restlessness than it did with God). In any case, while life for me now looks very different for me than it did four months ago, this is just a new part of the journey. And I am going to embrace it for everything that it's worth. 

Feeding the Artistic Soul by Avril Speaks

This year my goal is to be more intentional about feeding my artistic soul, so I'm using Friday's as a day to create or take in some art. This past Friday, I went to the Hollywood Costume museum. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let us take pictures inside but here's a picture of good 'ol Oscar. 

I was so impressed and inspired by the level of detail that costume designers put into making a character come to life. I also learned that just as much as "clothes make the man", so do "men make the clothes" -- after all, John Travolta's white suit from Saturday Night Fever doesn't look half as good without him in it! :-)

Happy New Year! by Avril Speaks

Well, it's 2015 and I've decided that instead of making a bunch of empty resolutions, I am simply going to seek out opportunities to develop new relationships, to develop myself creatively and to travel more. I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress and adventures throughout the year!